Dutch’s mommy says classy , Dutch says comfy and easy to put on me.

ELAINE & IRWIN – Florida


Thank you for creating a great fitting harness. I never thought that I would see my husband having so much fun choosing which design fronts our pugs will wear!

Julie – CT


Well, it’s been over a month now so I guess I should leave a review. To say, that this company cares about it’s customers is an understatement! I want you and everyone you know, that not only have I been a difficult customer, (dog is handicapped, continues to loose weight, measuring him was harder), but with your efforts everything is fine.

I will never forget your kindness to me and my Bastien. Thank you for the wonderful product and for your kindness. 


Charlie B

Brandi is so excited to be dressed up for Christmas and comfy in her WagSwag Harness by the tree! Thank you, Charlie & Spike!

Jeanne - CT

Brandi is so excited to be dressed up for Christmas and comfy in her WagSwag Harness by the tree – Thank you, Charlie & Spike!

Jeanne – CT


Thank you so very much for introducing us to your ingeniously designed dog harness.  I absolutely love it and so does my golden-doodle, Stella!!  It is so easy to put on and take off…no having to pull it over her head.  And in addition to the great functionality, we love that it is so fashionable.  Stella doesn’t like wearing outfits, but the Velcro’d on patches allow us to be dress her up to show her personality.   Safety is very important also and I greatly appreciate the reflector patch when we take walks in the dark.  We are very big fans and appreciate your products.   Thanks again!

Betty  – Fl

Puppy parent


” I love to put my dog in all different colors and designs and we used to have 25+ different collars and harnesses until now. After getting the Tell Tail Harness we got rid of all of them. We love the easily interchangeable patches you switch by velcroing them on and off. Also the breathable mesh makes it comfortable to wear all day long in any weather. We will never use another collar or harness again after finding the Charlie and Spike harness that meets all of our needs in one! Oreo Double Stuff loves it! ”

Katy Jo and Oreo Fishers, IN



What a great harness! My dog doesn’t like it when we put any type of clothing or harnesses on him, but when I put the WagSwag Harness on him, he didn’t mind at all! You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of this harness because it fits him perfectly. It’s like fashion, design, and practicality met to create something for my dog. Love it!”

Rob – Florida


I LOVE Charlie and Spikes Fashion Fronts SO much! Besides the fact that they are heavy duty and easy to change, they are a LOT of fun too! My dog Bear doesn’t like to wear clothes but he LOVES his WagSwag Dog Harness. His favorite is the Tuxedo as the Doggy Moms at the dog park make a big fuss over him! The Moms are always anxious to see what he is wearing that day! Will keep adding to my collection. Hey, Bear says how about a cowboy style? He is an Arizonian Dog and thinks that would be neat. Like a plaid shirt with a cowboy vest and bolo tie? Thank you for such a fun product. Bear & Mommy