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You want only the best for your furry companions, that’s why we created the WagSwag Harness to be comfortable at the neck and under your dog’s front legs. It’s the perfect fit for a happier, healthier pet. The WagSwag Harness is lightly padded and breathable to ensure your dog stays comfortable and safe on every walk, every day. Our exclusive interchangeable fashion fronts allow you and your dog to express yourself in style.

Interchangeable Fashion Fronts

Our unique, patented design allows you to switch up the style of your dog’s WagSwag Harness quickly and easily. It’s a fun and affordable way to expand your pet’s wardrobe without having to change harnesses every time you want a new look.

Explore our ever-growing collection of designs, from whimsical prints and holiday themes to fashion-forward and formal looks.

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Superior Dog Harnesses

We took great care in designing our harness for comfort, style and a perfect fit. Built from lightly padded, breathable materials and specifically tailored to not cut under your pet’s front legs. Every harness we produce is strength-tested and carefully inspected for quality.

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Coordinated Leashes

As the perfect accompaniment to our WagSwag Harness, our line of coordinating leashes will soon come in a variety of accent colors and a choice of two lengths so you can easily tailor your look. Every leash is made from ultra durable nylon with a soft, colorful neoprene-lined handle for maximum comfort and style.

Find out how they can make walks more enjoyable for both you and your pup.

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